About Me

Mystic Clara

Hi, I’m Mystic Clara, and I’m a:

  • Intuitive Tarot Reader
  • Intuitive Shamanic Healer
  • Hoodoo Witch Practioner
  • Puerto Rican Spiritism (Yes, I am Puerto Rican! Baby!)
  • Fluently Bilingual (English / Spanish)

What is an intuitive tarot reader?

My guardian angels and spiritual guides will reveal what the tarot and other oracle cards won’t about your specific life circumstances and situation.

What is a shamanic healer?

Using herbal knowledge and calling on my animal guides I find a path to your spiritual and soul’s healing.

What is a hoodoo witch practioner?

Hoodoo is based on African American folkloric magic. We use the power of nature (plants, rocks, ocean, lakes, etc…) as well as combine it with the power of the Psalms to cause change through supernatural means. Hoodoo is a magickal practice and not a religion.

What is Puerto Rican Spirtism?

It is the belief that our ancestors and spiritual guides or “cuadro espiritual” (means spirit family/ picture of our spiritual guides who help us and have names) help us in this life with our day-to-day needs.

We feed them, speak to them, have a table with goblets of water (see below) and interact with them and guide us, our family and our clients to help us obtain both answers and solutions in our lives.

Espiritismo Mesa Blanca Puerto Rico


It is always my pleasure to assist all those who are seeking real solutions and answers via the mystical arts!

Contact me if you are interested in a private spell cast for you, or you wish to purchase a tarot reading from me (either emailed reading or private “live chat”).


Privacy Policy:
All information is 100% confidential and only used to fulfill your requested services.